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Why are Inverted Nipples such a Sensitive Issue?

Why are inverted nipples such a sensitive issue for many women? NEWSFLASH: AURORA CLINICS' PIONEERING INVERTED NIPPLE CORRECTION TECHNIQUE WILL BE FEATURED IN THE MAIL ON SUNDAY HEALTH & BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT, THIS SUNDAY 7TH AUGUST 2011!  At Aurora Clinics we specialise in correction of inverted nipples and treat over 30 people a month with this condition. From talking to our patients we ...

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Bariatric Surgery after Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgeons - Making a Difference There is lots of stigma about “Plastic Surgery” but did you know that Plastic Surgeons are actually amongst the people who make the most difference to the lives of people who really need it? Whereas Cosmetic Surgery is typically associated with Celebrities - breast enlargement, nose jobs and Botox - A “Plastic Surgeon” deals with pe...

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Post Baby Blues

My second granddaughter is due very soon and certainly in the last few weeks my daughter is starting to look very ‘bumpy’! These last few weeks are often the slowest with the most back ache and the most fatigue but they also take it out on your skin the most too. Weight gain is natural in pregnancy and the skin can only be stretched so far. So in the immediate aftermath of the new arri...

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Ten things you never wanted to know about Fat

Ten things you never wanted to know about FAT! 1. If you eat 110 calories and use 100 calories you gain weight. If you eat 100 calories and use 110 calories you lose weight. 2. Every time you gain a pound, you gain it on all the places you don’t want to gain it on. Every time you lose a pound, you lose it off all the places you don’t want to lose it from. 3. So you gradually attain ...

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Can you Spot a celebrity nose job?

With the recently released figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) announcing that men are now going to visit plastic surgeons in their droves. It got us wondering which celebs have been more discreet with their cosmetic surgery enhancements. Our first subject is the dark-haired British comic Russell Brand. Although naturally good looking,  since moving to LALA land Mr...

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Ultralase Happy 20th Birthday

Uk and Ireland's largest vision correction specialist Ultralase is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

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Treatments you can trust?

Weren't we the privileged ones to be invited along to the launch of the governance group for treatments you can trust on Tuesday. The invite came just as I sat at my desk planning the ton of things we need to do to continue momentum of goodsurgeonguide especially following our recent high profile sign ups. The invitation was from Debra Glusk of Rain communications, pr agency to the...

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The perfect Smile in a month by Tracey Bell

The inman aligner. For those of us whose teeth certainly wouldn’t grace the pages of Vogue or Harpers, help is at hand.  The inman aligner – a brace whose working parts remain largely out of sight is about to revolutionise Dentistry.  It claims to straighten teeth in just a month, at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment.  Whilst a standard brace may take m...

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Jane Russell some like it hot dies

We were sad to hear of the passing of Jane Russell. We want to send out our condolences 

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