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Results of our cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedure polls

76%, of women asked would consider undergoing a non-invasive cosmetic treatment such as Botox or Laser Hair Removal. Of those, 52% would rather book the appointment in their lunch hour at work than take a whole day off as holiday.When asked 'Would you conduct research before undergoing a non-invasive treatment like Microdermabrasion?' only 23% of women said that they would, and 31% said that they ...

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WHY Oh Why??????

I have been doing this cosmetic surgery thing for a while now and I am finding it increasingly upsetting how can I put it?... dumb some women are!! Or at least the dumb decisions we make. Researching the cosmetic surgery industry looking for the answer to who the good aesthetic treatment providers are and what makes them good has not been as easy as spotting the really really bad compan...

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  I have been asked on many occasions which are the best toothbrush or toothpaste to use to look after teeth and gums. The Inuit tribes used to chew on wood to help clean their teeth, they were onto something. Tooth cleaning, it’s a big business. Whether you are using a Sonicare electric tooth brush or a simple chemists own value brand what are you looking out for? 1) Choose a b...

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Is cosmetic surgery an amalgamation of art, popular culture and a surgeons interpretation of beauty?

Beauty has always been a currency, after all we all know the difference in our days when we have our makeup on and we are looking at our best, Cars stop to let you cross the road, strangers are that little bit more courteous etc, but now that we finally have the technological means to mint our own beauty currency, how wise are the choices we make? I’m interested in what we define as beaut...

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Cosmetic surgery in London?

 If you live in London and you are also interested in cosmetic surgery, you are in luck. As with most areas in the South of England, there are no shortages of cosmetic surgeons in London. Depending on what part of your body you  are looking to improve, a cosmetic surgeon in London is waiting to serve you. There are a few things you must keep in mind, however, when it comes to having co...

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Keyword Blog

For all you wonderful media savvy bloggers and tweeters...   this blog is just help get our keywords up, so unless you are a google bot (google bot is that an actual word??) then this blog will be of no interest or use to you. -thank you very much uh-huh! For those of you unsure what the heck I am talking's just our way of letting people know that we are here to rate review...

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what is restylane?

 RESTYLANE is a biotech-produced non –animal stabilized hyaluronic acid. The patented and unique stabilisation process employed by  its manufacture results in a minimally modified hyaluronic acid (HA) molecule. The restylane HA molecule closely resembles our natural HA. This reduces the risk for inflammatory reaction Restylane delivers long-lasting usefulness, and proven safety...

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Good Cheap Advice on Cosmetic surgery

 Every year it is said thousands of people undergo successful Cosmetic Surgery procedures with reputable surgeons. However, there are unfortunately cases where surgeons do not live up to their reputations and surgeries do go wrong. Once the major decision to undergo surgery has been taken to have to face an unsuccessful result can be hugely upsetting.  After having put aside money to ...

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Laser hair Removal Procedures V traditional Electrolysis

 Electrolysis has been around for many years, where as laser hair removal has only just begun to be a viable option. We take a look at both methods of hair removal and help you determine laser hair removal or electrolysis is best. The newest hair removal method on the market is laser hair removal. Since developments in all types of laser procedures, it comes as  no surprise that laser...

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