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Choosing home hair removal system: silk'n sensepil vs me my elos

Hello everyone,
I couldn't find any post about "Silk'n Sensepil" or "Me my elos" system and I am wondering if anyone tried them out?

I looked around for reviews about different at home system and it came down to this two as the most effective.
but there aren't many reviews about them out there.

the ideal system would be a system that I can be used on all parts of the body, that works, with a light that last for at least 2 full treatments, and the time of treatment is also important.

I'd love you to share your experience with one of the systems, or with another if you used one.
which part did you use it on, how much hair did you get rid of, how long does a treatment take, did you need to change the light bulb and your overall rating.

I'm sure it will be helpful for a lot of girls get good advice before spending all this money!
looking forward to hearing from you!

14Sep 2011 21.29 Reply | Thank

I would recommend the me my elos
Both systems are very good and have fine reputation, but the Me is just better.
Both use IPL technology, but the Me has the IPL+RF (radio frequency) which gives better results.
They both allow a faster treatment (compared to laser) but the Me is still faster. Me gets a full leg finished in 10 minutes where Silk'n takes 30 minutes. (Laser would need over an hour per leg).
The Silk'n lamp is good for 750 flashes while the Me has 5400 flashes until it is emptied. So you will need a few IPL lamps to complete a full body.

See more comparison Silk'n SensEpil Vs Me My Elos here:

Me my Elos is a better system! But Silk'n is also a fine choice.
Silk'n was awarded the best hair removal system by the readers, and is known for their very good customer support.

1Oct 2011 14.15 Reply | Thank

Hair management
If you want hair management get one, they are all hair management, none of them are proper IPL.
Mark 72 a member was not talking hot air about Paradoxical hair growth and is thought to be caused by low power laser devices.
I am a IPL engineer, if you are thinking these toys will get rid of your hair, you are mistaken, has i have said before, when you do buy these toys ask how much is are replacement lamps and WHO has to fit them, you or the manufacturer.
A supper car cost 100k if someone came up to you and said, you can have this car which has a supper car performance for 3k and its the same with these home kits,THEY ARE HAIR MANAGEMENT, if you know that good, buy one.

5Nov 2011 09.02 Reply | Thank

Hair management
I do not know how good they are but i will tell you this its hair
Management,the flash is not strong enough to go down to the root of the hair,and the pulse wavelength is not the right one.
We know we repaired a few, and we tested them, its hair management.

6Feb 2012 08.40 Reply | Thank

Choosing home hair removal system
Hi. I use different hair removal system at home, but for me, Lumi - is the best in our days, especially for home use. It's was a user awards in 2012 and I think it still the best.
If I remember right, this is a site:

7Feb 2013 19.49 Reply | Thank

Try hairycure
Why are people still doing this? Am I the only one that knows about Hairycure? lol. Those days are over for me!!! No more money wasting and painful sessions anymore All I needed was a few waxing sessions and apply a bit of oil and I've had smooth pins for over 14 months now. I got it from vzhairandgla the rest of the world should no about this Didn't even cost me 50pounds and thank GOD I'm finally hair free

13Feb 2013 12.43 Reply | Thank

Better in a salon, equipments are very powerful. i did mine in depicool
Hello, I tried a philips and another light machine and they were very weak, hairs always growing normally. I went for a free consultation to a clinic called Depicool and they explained about different methods and differencies between home use and professional machines. In the end I did some ipl treatments with them and I cannot be happier, I don't understand why people still waste time with waxing or whatever at home. You can treat everywhere in the body and face.
You can try there. I hope it's helpful.

9Sep 2013 17.38 Reply | Thank

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