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Details about Breast Reduction Male

Gynaecomastia Causes

Gynaecomastia, gynecomastia male breast syndrome, man boobs, or in short moobs are an enlargement of the male breast as a result of an abnormal increase in the glandular tissue. The condition is quite common in teenage boys where firm, tender breast tissue grows under the nipples and there are an estimated 40-60% of men with Gynaecomastia.

Exercise for Man Boobs

Most men with larger than average breast tissue will exercise to try and get rid of the problem, unfortunately this may not give the desired effect and will leave the man feeling frustrated with the results. Exercise can help to some degree as loosing body fat can change the shape of mans chest and make the breast form appear less noticeable. However because this condition is caused by hormone levels it is extremely hard to fully change the shape at the gym. For men who feel unhappy and self-conscious about their appearance and want to be rid of their man boobs then gynecomastia surgery can help. The final results of breast reduction in men are permanent in many cases.

Gynaecomastia Procedure and Recovery

The average male breast reduction is performed using Liposuction, and is used to remove the fatty tissue under a general anaesthetic. Small incisions are made around the nipple then a small metal tube called a cannula is used to suck out the fatty tissue. If necessary the glandular tissue is also removed through incisions at the edge of the areola. The incisions are then sutured to give a firmer, shapelier and better chiselled chest. Stitches used will be of the dissolving type and so do not need to be removed.

The surgery will take up to 1-3 hours depending on severity of the problem. Most patients can go home on the day of the surgery. As long as your expectations are realistic, the chances are you will be happy with the results. You will have a better-contoured, flatter chest that is not breasts anymore but pectorals.

Video about the procedure Breast Reduction Male

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