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Details about Lip Augmentation

 Lips are associated with beauty and youth and it is quite common for particularly women with small lips to consider lip augmentation. Lips age like most parts of our body and shrink as facial fat is lost. There are different treatment procedures available for lip augmentation some of which may also reduce the lines and wrinkles above the top lip. A popular option is the use of fillers these are injected into the lips. Collagen is an example of a filler used for lip augmentation, most fillers are temporary solutions as they are absorbed into the body with time.

The process can be repeated regularly so that the patient can maintain their desired lip form. Sometimes fat may be removed from one part of the body by liposuction and then injected back into the lips.

Before the lips are injected numerous times with the filler a local anaesthetic is given to numb the area as the lips are very sensitive. You can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. Problems can occur such as uneven lips this is usually due to the skill level of the surgeon so look for someone with a large amount of experience in lip augmentation procedures.


Video about the procedure Lip Augmentation

Products for Lip Augmentation

SkinMedica TNS LipPlump System

SkinMedica TNS LipPlump System is a unique product containing NouriCel MD, to offer long lasting anti aging benefits for lips. Works in combination with other ingredients to help restore lips fullness and volume within minutes. LipPlump System is a t...

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NeoStrata Lip Conditioning

NeoStrata Lip Conditioner moisturises and conditions dry and cracked lips to make them feel softer and appear smoother, while also protecting against sun damage. Contains 4% gluconolactone, Vitamin E and Spearmint extract. ...

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Medik8 Pretox Pout

Medik8 Pretox Pout is an injection-free twin peptide pro-collagen lip boost serum that helps to promote fuller, healthier and more voluptuous lips. Formulated specifically for lip care, Pretox Pout hydrates lips and helps to restore glycosaminoglyca...

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Mene and Moy Yellow Peel Lip Balm

Mene & Moy Yellow Peel Lip Balm is a 2 Phase System designed for skin rejuvenation & lip augmentation. Yellow peel lip balm recovers the volume of the lips, reduces the wrinkles and moisturises the labial mucous, restores the natural colour of the l...

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Jan Marini C Esta Lips

Jan Marini C-Esta Lips contains DMAE Complex III and is the first medically based product that can actually repair the appearance of the lip area. C-ESTA Lips contains two proprietary topical agents which produce exceptional benefits for reducing the...

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