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Details about Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a forming of scarring on the skin and with a different colour usually like a blue grey and can look a little bit like a bruise. They are caused by a tearing of the dermis and over some time can dim a little but they will not completely disappear. • Stretch marks are usually caused by growth of skin happening very rapidly or gaining weight. In most cases pregnancy is the cause as the skin is stretched in a more rapid sense to the growth of the baby. • Some stretch marks can also be influence by hormonal changed like puberty or muscle building. • There are some methods that are used to help the stretch marks too fade a little but not completely. • Some creams and oils can be used that include vitamins E and Gotu Kola these will help to reduce the sighting of the stretch marks. • Coco butter is an effective moisturiser there is no research that proves there is a cure to prevent or remove stretch marks but these remedies are helpful if used everyday. The treatment that is possible to have done is a tummy tuck this will still leave a scar but will hide the stretch marks.

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Products for Stretch Marks

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