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Details about Tooth repair

Tooth repair is something done by a dentist to repair any chipped, cracker or dissolved teeth that you may have. A bonding material can be used to fill in the gaps in a tooth if it is not too big otherwise fillings are used. • The procedure for tooth repair Is not painful, the dentist will select the shades of the bonding material that looks the same or similar colour to your teeth, they will then put a liquid on your teeth that will allow the gel to hold onto your teeth. • Once the liquid is on the bonding material can then be placed onto your tooth. • After a few seconds the dentist will smooth it out to the shape of your tooth and put a light on it to harden the mixture to your tooth. If more than one tooth needs to be done you will need to book more than one appointment. The cost of the procedure can be expensive depending on the circumstances. Sometimes they can be a way arround having to pay a lot of money to have teeth repaired. If it is just a gap in the teeth it can sometimes be repaired by having a band fitted to pull the teeth together.

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