We’re women who wanted Cosmetic surgery – breast implants, tummy tucks, teeth whitening, laser skin hair removal, and nose jobs.Not too mention our fascination with dermal fillers and botox. Yikes! that makes us sound pretty ugly! But no, we’re just regular women.

We’re women who wanted Cosmetic surgery – breast implants, tummy tucks, teeth whitening, laser skin hair removal, and nose jobs. Not to mention our fascination with dermal fillers and Botox. Yikes! That makes us sound pretty ugly! But no, we’re just regular women.

The GoodSurgeonGuide is the brain-child genius of Christiana. The idea for this cosmetic surgery review site came to her following the birth of her second child. It’s the usual story: woman no longer feels confident with the changes to her body following a major event such as birthing. Seeing an opportunity to regain her figure, which she says her much loved second child “desecrated” in the 9-months he’d inhabited her, she researched high and low to find opinions on cosmetic surgery and surgeons she could trust. Now if you know Christiana, she’s a feisty, funny little woman.. a northern gal who isn’t that clever and suffers innately with a lack of trust and a failed ambition in journalism which means she asks a lot of questions but doesn’t ever really trust the answer she’s being given Frustrated with the results (or lack thereof), she decided to create the GoodSurgeonGuide and help real women (and men) in similar situations.

We found lots of places online that talked about best advice on plastic surgery and antiaging, but nothing to help us answer the most important question – who is the right person to perform our cosmetic treatment? Worse, we were horrified at friends happily having cosmetic procedures like thread vein or laser hair removal without checking for qualifications. And if they did would you know what to look out for? We just want to have a good experience and a great result from our surgical and non-surgical treatments.

But one final element into who we are is our amazing partner, All Response Media. Through a stroke of luck, the  GoodSurgeonGuide struck a partnership with amulti-national company, All Response Media, one of UK’s top digital  media agencies. For the last year, the two sides of the business have been busy restructuring and improving features on the website that’ll make it easier for patients to research and connect with real, credible cosmetic surgery professionals and aesthetic providers. What All Response Media has brought to the table has been vital to the growing success of the GoodSurgeonGuide.


Most reputable surgeons are happy for you to speak directly with past patients. Fine, but you aren’t guaranteed the full story. Its much easier to book your cosmetic surgery, injectibles, face peel or teeth whitening procedure when its been recommended by someone you trust.

But what if you don’t know someone who has had the cosmetic surgery or latest treatment? where do you go for independant advice?

Our easy-to-use website points you to real independant reviews from the people who know – thier patients and clients. With a quick overview of procedures, surgeon qualifications and invaluable insights from past patients as well as informal advice and support through our forums.

There are a several hundred ‘trade associations’ and voluntary self regulation groups offering safeguards to consumers but none are effective when you still don’t know if your treatment provider is skilled, accredited and competent.




Cosmetic Surgey, Skin rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal et al are still largely unregulated, so much information is contradictory. That’s why this website is an indispensable tool to help you choose the right plastic surgeon or wrinkle smoothing treatment. You can find independent reviews on holidays and cars so why not cosmetic surgery? We all want to improve the appearance of our skin and look more youthful so by contributing to the Good Surgeon Guide you can be helping everybody be safer.

Can’t find your surgeon, clinic or procedure? Please email us and we’ll add their details.


Our team at The Good Surgeon Guide are not experts in cosmetic surgery or non surgical treatments, but we do really want to make sure you have the independant advice you need to make a well-informed decision. Choosing cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, whether we’re rushing out to get the latest laser hair removal procedure or finally pay for breast implants.

Now you have found us tell your friends about us. If they have had surgery ask them to leave a review about their surgeon and if they are researching cosmetic surgery show them where they can get independent cosmetic surgery advice.