Acacia Senegal gum

A natural derivative responsible for the tightening action in products

All Spice Berry (pimento dioica)

A spice used by the indigenous people of central America to relieve persistent dry, cracked or red skin on the feet

Aloe Vera (aloe barbadenis)

Recognised for its soothing and conditioning properties

Alpha Lipoic acid (Thioctic acid)

A powerful antioxidant that is both water and lipid soluble. Helps improve the appearance of uneven texture and acne remnant mark.


A tyrosinase inhibitor found in extracts from Bearberry plant. It provides skin lightening effect by inhibiting activity of the enzyme tyrosinase which is critical in the production of skin melanin pigmentation.

Alphahydroxy acid (AHA)

An acid that increase skin cell turnover, helps reduce the appearance of fin lines and wrinkles and promote smoother, clearer skin

Amino AcidA building block of protein. More than 20 different amino acids are used by the body to manufacture different proteins in muscle, hair, skin, blood and other tissues

A scientific selection of 16 different amino acids that supply essential building blocks for youthful looking skin


A compound which helps capture free radicals. Many common nutrients have antioxidant properties

Antioxidant support network

The body’s system of protection against free radicals. Antioxidants works synergistically together, some fighting free radicals formation directly and some restoring antioxidant properties of others.


An amino acid involved in soothing the skin. Facilitates recovery from stress on the skin

Arscobic acid

Pure Vitamin C. An antioxidant that protects the body cells, helps maintain a healthy skin as is needed as part of the body’s defences.

Asafetida Extract

is derived from a herb native to India. This herbal extract also prevents the formation of melanin in a similar manner to kojic acid.


Is the carotenoid responsible for the red/pink colour in Salmon, Lobster,shrimp and krill. Compared to beta-carotene, astaxanthin possess two extra functional groups.


is an irregularity in the shape of the cornea. Instead of being round, like a football, it is oval shaped, like a rugby ball. Most astigmatic corneas have two curves, a flatter curve and a steeper curve. As a result of this the light is focused at more than one point in the eye which blurs images at all distances, all the time. Many short and long-sighted people often have a degree of astigmatism in their eyes.

Ava puhi extract (Zingiber zerumbet)

Nectar from the bulb of the ava puhi plant. Used for centuries by Polynesians to soften and condition hair


B complex vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins that provide dietry support for the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.

Babassu oil (Orbignya oleifera)

Extracted from kernals of the babassu palm. Used for generations by indigenous South American cultures as a natural moisturiser.

Babassu Powder (orbignya phalareta)

Throughout the ages, South Americans have ground babassu nuts into a fine, silk-like powder to use in food. Used today to absorb wetness on the skin.

Bamboo extract

A powerful anti aging ingredients blend (combined with pea extract and glucosamine) that has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase cell turnover, resulting in more visually youthful skin

Bentonite Clay

This natural clay, derived from volcanic ash, acs as a magneto remove dulling skin cells and toxins, then polishes skin for a fresh bright complexion.


An antioxidant Phytonutrient that can be converted into Vitamin A in the body as needed. Beta-carotene is the colourful pigment found in many fruit.

Bio photonics

a field of study that uses light to measure bio markers of living organisms.


The extent a ingested nutrient is absorbed, taken up by the body’s tissues and utilised for its specific functions.


a family of water soluble antioxidant compounds found as pigments in fruit and vegetables.

Borage seed oil

is an excellent source of Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that can be converted into biologically active substances, which are regulators and participate in many important body functions

Boron Nitride

Optimizes the optical diffusion effect of light, which lessens the visibility of dark circles and discolorations to enhance skin appearance

Brown seaweed

Highly mineralised and rich with amino acids and antioxidants. Aids in absorption and retention of moisture.

Burdock root extract (Arctium lappa)

Historically used to help troubled complexions.



An extract that helps the skin look moist and radiant.


Is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It is necessary for healthy bones, strong teeth, proper nerve transmission, muscle contraction, normal blood coagulation, energy yielding metabolism and many other physiological functions.

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract

Reduces redness and suppresses skin inflammation and irritation while providing powerful antioxidant properties that help protect cells from free radical damage initiated by environmental factors.

Capsular contracture

 This is a common occurring complications, this is caused by the forming of  scar tissue around the implant. Depending on how bad the contracture which is measured in grades, you may need further surgery to release the capsule or to reposition the implant.


An important category of fat soluble antioxidants. Abundantly found in nature and responsible for many of the reds, oranges and yellows we see fruits and vegetables. Some examples of carotenoids are beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and astaxanthin.

Carrot extract (Dacus carota sativis)

Natural sorce of pro vitamin A that helps promote healthy looking skin.

Cetylated fatty acid esters

An all natural form of fatty acid treated with alcohol and used by the body as an emulsifier and lubricant.

Chamomile extract (Anthemis noblilis and chamomillia recutita)

Known for its soothing, conditioning and softing effects.

Chinese bitter cucumer

Part of the mormordicia family. Also know as the gac fruit. It is a nutrient-dense fruit from Southeast Asia that contans high amounts of carotenoids.

Chinese lycium

Is a samll red super fruit which contains antioxidants like zeaxanthin, favonoidis, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Citrus aurantiun amara

Used by various cultures through out China and the Caribbean, especially Haiti, as a refreshing, natural deoderiser. Originating in China, citrus or auranitiun amara was introduced to europe in the 11th century. The fruit of the citrus auramtiun amara (A small orange called a seville orange) became very popular not only for its sweet and sour taste, but also for its refreshing scent and deoderising properties.

Clemmatis vitalba leaves

Used for generations by the Native Americans to soothe flakey, dry skin.

Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10 or Ubiquinone)

An important network – antioxidant with the abilty to regenerte and support other antioxidants. Topically, coezyQ10 promotes essential cellular energy for radiant, youthfull appearance. Dietary supplement preperations containing coenzyme Q10 also promotes internal cellular energy with particualr benefits to cardiovascular health.


Protein that provides structure, strength and elasticity to the skin and other tissues through out the body.


Colosturun is the mothers first milk produced after the birth offspring differs from regurlar milk in that it has higher concentration of immune supporting protein. Research shows that the bovine colosturun confers immune benefits in humans.

Colourless carotenoid (dunaliella salina extract)

A unique antioxidant produced from algae grown in the Mediterranean sea. Helps protect the skin from enviromental hazards.

Compression Garment

Commonly used following a cosmetic surgery procedure such as Breast Implants or liposuction to help aide recovery


An essential trace mineral critical to the function of many enzymes. Aids in iron transport in the body and the formations of collagen and bone tissue.

Cordyceps sinensis

A mushrrom prized in China since ancient times for its roles in restoring vitality and stamina.

Cordyline terminalis

Hawaiian ti leaved treasured for hundreads of years by polynesians for their skin – soothing properties.


smoothes cuticles to provide shine that lasts through repeated shampooing


DHA -Docosahexaenoic acid

an omega 3 essential fatty acid important for the health of the nervous system. Fish Oil is a good source of DHA

Di and tri – Peptides

Derived from hydrolysed rice protein; improve the skins recovery process after stress; stimulates cell renewal and synthesis of dermal protein for improved firmness and a decrease of lines and wrinkles.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline

A lipid soluble amino acid that is essential in collagen production. It works with ascorbic acid to increase he manufacture of collagen 

DNA – Deoxyribonucleic

the genetic material found in nearly every cell of the human body. DNA contains the genetic information necessary for building and maintaining an organism. DNA usually exists as a double strand held tightly together, creating a double helix.



charged atoms capable of conducting electrical currents in biological fluids, which is necessary for nerve impulses and muscle contraction

Endocarethe skincare range uses unique SCA Biorepair technology to provide scientifically advanced regeneration of ageing and photo-damaged skin
EPA – Eicosapentaenoic acid

An omega 3 fatty acid important for the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, Fish oil is a good source of of EPA.

Ergothioneine (EGT)

A natural amino acid with super-antioxidant properties that protect cells against oxidative damage, inflammation and inhibits collagen degrading MMP enzymes.


plants used by indigenous cultures for skin benefits.


Patented anti ageing ingredient that improves the skins elastin content, the key component of firm skin.


combined with menthol and peppermint oil to provide a cooling and invigorating sensation on the skin as well as a bold refreshing scent.

Evening Primrose Oil – Oenothera biennis

A source of both gamma-linoleic acid and linoelic acid, both of which are beneficial fatty acids.



an important class of antioxidant phytonutrients. It is estimated that there are over 600 different flavanoids present in foods and beverages, including green tea catechins, citrus bioflavanoids, quercetin, isoflavones from soy, grape seed extracts resveratrol.

Flavo Cthese serums contain L’Ascorbic Acid which is the equivalent of the skins own Vitamin C and along with powerful anti-oxidants provides an anti-ageing treatments that penetrates, protects and repairs the skin.
Flaxseed Lignans

Phytonutrients commonly found in whole flaxseeds. Flaxseed Lignans may benefits for menopausal health.

free radicals

unstable molecules in the body that seek,attack and damage neighbouring molecules, making a continuing a chain reaction of free radical formation and molecular damage. This chain reaction can lead to damage of cell membranes, DNA and tissue proteins.



A very rare occurrence following breast implant surgery, it means there is production of breast milk. leakage usually stops spontaneously, but on  rare occasions  the implants may need to be removed.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid

When administered systemically, it functions as neuromuscular inhibitor which reduces excitability of the nerves and produces muscle relaxation.


the basic unit of heredity in living organisms. Genes are functional sections of DNA that hold the information to build, maintain and regenerate cells and pass genetic traits to offspring. Some of these traits are immediately visible, such as eye colour and number of limbs and some express them selves later on in life, such as rate of ageing, health.

ginkgo biloba

A herbal extract from the ginkgo tree known for its powerful antioxidant benefits.

ginkgo flavone glycosides

A group of phytonutrients fond in ginkgo biloba leaves. ginkgo flavone glycosides are known to have powerful antioxidant properties 


A polyhydroxy acid found naturally in skin cells. Its molecular structure makes it gentle and non-irritating to the skin while providing clinically proven anti-ageing benefits such as antioxidant protection, moisturisation and skin barrier.


a powerful anti-ageing ingredient blend (combined with pea and bamboo extracts) that has been shown to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase cell turnover, resulting in more visually youthful skin

Glycolic Acid

is derived from sugar cane. This naturally-derived ingredient (the best known type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid) helps to exfoliate the outer surface layer of the skin which speeds up the effects of the skin whitening process

grape seed extract (vitis vinfera)

a powerful antioxidant. Protects against free radicals.

green tea (camellia oleifera and camellia sinensis)

An antioxidant that helps soothe troubled skin and even out skin tones. Green tea has particularly high levels of polyphenol antioxidants. also known as Thea sinensis extract. 


heat shot proteins

Unique technology that enhances the skin’s ability to protect against heat and UV stress, ensuring optimum cellular health.

Heliocarethe only sun protection range to contain Fernblock which is a natural plant extract that’s clinically demonstrated to protect skin from UVA and UVB radiation
hibiscus flower extract (hibiscus rosasinensis)

Used throughout Polynesia, Southeast Asia and Central and south America for creating an infusion to cleanse, soften and smoothe.

HMW complex

This exclusive Nu skin ingredient combination includes hypnea musciformis extract, mugworm extract and willow herb. It works to soothe and calm the skin.

horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum)

An extract from a flowering tree that invigorates and energises the skin.

Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media

A physiologically balanced, naturally secreted and stabilized combination of multiple human growth factors, cytokines and natural proteins responsible for the production of collagen and other extracellular matrix proteins.

hyaluronic acid

A moisturising compound found naturally in the skin. Selected for its capacity to bind moisture to the skin’s surface.

Hyaluronic Filling Spheres

Dehydrated filling spheres penetrate into skin folds of varying depth and trap water in the superficial layers of the skin. The remarkable characteristic of hyaluronic acid that acts as a molecular sponge, enables the spheres to swell and exert pressure in the direction of the surface, resulting in a smoothing effect on the skin

Hydrolyzed Silk (Sericin)

A combination of silk peptides encapsulated in liposomes that assimilate with skin cells to stimulate production of hyaluronic acid and collagen to improve skin tone and texture. Inhibits tyrosinase activity to reduce uneven skin pigmentation

Hydroxysuccinimide and Chrysin

This combination of ingredients helps eliminate excess iron and other pigments that cause dark circles under and around the eyes. Reinforces and tones the eye-area skin. 238 Boron Nitride – Optimizes the optical diffusion effect of light, which lessens the visibility of dark circles and discolorations to enhance skin appearance


a free radical scavenging polypheol found in extra virgin olive oil that promotes smooth, flawless skin.


IBR-Dormin (Narcissus tazetta extract)

A natural compound in the narcissus bulb. Scientifically shown to enhance cellular durability and improve the skin’s natural against enviromental aggressors.

Implant displacement

Very rarely, breast implants can move after surgery. Sometimes it is unnoticeable, but large displacements or movements need to be repositioned surgically.


Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

A synthetic tripeptide designed to penetrate the skin and stimulate fibroblasts to produce extracellular matrix thereby help reduce depth, length and volume of wrinkles and increases skin thickness.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5

A tripeptide with a unique sequence that mimics the body’s own mechanism to activate Transforming Growth Factor (TGF-beta), known as the key element in the synthesis of collagen.


Restylane Lidocaine

For Moderate lines and wrinkles, nose to mouth lines, marionette lines, tear troughs hollows under lines

Restylane Lipp

Provides natural fullness leaving lips soft to touch, lipshaping

Restylane Perlane Lidocaine

For sharp deep lines, frown lines, nose to mouth lines, brow lift, firms the jaw line, smoothes out uneven shaped noses

Restylane Sub-Q

restores lost volume in the mid and lower face, boosts hollow cheeks, corrects receding chins, creates non surgical mid face lift

Restylane Touch

For very fine facial lines, lipstick bleed lines and creases

Retinyl Palmitate

A natural lipid soluble form of retinol that helps increase epidermal thickness and stimulate epidermal proteins to keep skin staying soft and plump


A commonly used surgical instrument used to create a pocket in the incisions made by cosmetic surgeons when placing breast implants during a breast augmentation or ‘Boob job’

Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry) Leaf Extract

A plant derived inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) that prevents the degradation of the extracellular matrix thereby helping to prevent wrinkle formation. The extract also exhibits antioxidant activity which helps fight the visible signs of ageing.


Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate Lysate

A yeast extract that when topically applied defends against the detrimental effect of ozone (which has an ability to deplete antioxidants in the skin), and improve the barrier function of the skin.


In a very small number of cases, fluid can build up around the  area being operated on. It is caused by blood plasma leaking out of ruptured blood vessels and into the tissues around the area where the cosmetic surgery is being perfomed. If the build up is excessive, then it may need to be drained which will involve a surgical procedure. Note that this is different to a haematoma. Haematoma is a pool of blood that has collected within a bodily cavity. Seroma is tissue fluid that has collected around the site of the operation. These can sometimes make capsular contracture or infection more likely and often require drainage, potentially surgical.

Skin Lightening Cream

Skin Lightening Cream contains a high concentration of two skin lighteners derived from natural sources: kojic acid ester (from Japanese mushrooms) and Asefitida extract (a herbal plant from India). Skin Lightening Cream also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which speeds up the lightening process by exfoliating coloured skin on the surface.

SYNERGISTIC ANTIOXIDANTSThree powerful antioxidants work in concert to reduce and improve the signs of skin aging, protect against UV damage, and reduce inflammation.


etrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

A stable, lipid-soluble ester form of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), a free radical scavenger that fights signs of aging while enhancing collagen production for firmer skin. Helps reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots

Tocopheryl Acetate

A stabilized ester of vitamin E considered the most important antioxidant and free-radical scavenger. Moisturizes the skin and improves smoothness.


Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)

Effectively counteracts free radical damage and provides significant protection against UVA-induced detrimental effects of photoaging. Coenzyme Q10 works synergistically with vitamin E in preventing damage to lipid membranes and plasma lipids.